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Welcome to the Kurtis Katchall Mini-School Fishing Lure Homepage!


The Kurtis Katchall is now only $12.50 including shipping!!

The Kurtis Katchall Fishing Lure is a great all-around lure for catching northern pike, muskie, walleye, perch, salmon, lake trout, snook, shark, or any other freshwater or saltwater sport fish! Use it trolling, still fishing (with or without a bobber), ice fishing, or just cast it!

     Originally, the Kurtis Katchall was designed as a single bait fish holder (using smelt) for catching pike and walleye. It's still used thay way, but has been found to be extremely successful for other sport fish! By hanging multiple bait fish by the lip from every laser sharp hook (up to a dozen can be used) the Kurtis Katchall simulates an actual "mini-school" of baitfish producing fantastic results!

The Original Kurtis Katchall Mini-school Fishing Lure
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This is the Kurtis Katchall using the single smelt fishing technique!
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