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The History of the Kurtis Katchall Fishing Lure...

My dad was an avid outdoorsman, he invented the Katch-All device in 1957 in Detroit, Michigan. He was a tool and die maker by trade and used his experience and ingenuity to design this patented "killer" lure. Our family made many fine outings fishing the Raber Bay portion of the St. Mary's River, in the Eastern Upper Peninsula, both by boat and huddled in a fish shanty. My dad found gratification in seeing his product provide excellent results on these trips. We fished primarily for Northern's but our friends found that the smelt were are "favorite" bait among the fish active in this area. Salmon, Trout, Bass, Perch, Bullheads, Muskies, Pike and Walleye have all been hauled in on a Katch-All.

The earliest Katch-All's are made of solid brass, the current model is made of brass and then plated with nickel for more flash. The lures were never mass marketed, a few were given away to friends, close relatives and fishing buddies. Demand grew and they were hand assembled and sold individually from behind my dad's bar on Telegraph Road in Detroit. Reports have always good with this product.

Louis A. Kurtis died only a couple years after his retirement, he never really got the chance to build-out his dream of selling this product. Now finally retired myself, I plan to follow my father's dream to market and sell his beloved "Katch-All", a lure that he personally thought could catch anything that swims.

(Link to recent article in Woods and Water News magazine)

I hope you enjoy as much success with this device as we have had.

Thanks for your interest

Dr. Louis T. Kurtis